AdaptARC OrbitMASTER software release:

Tri Tool is pleased to announce our latest version of the OrbitMASTER controller software, WeldHost, Version In addition to several fixes and improvements, several new features are included in this release:


New Features

  • Hotwire GTAW welding wire pre-heating system compatibility


  • WH-681: An alert is now displayed if a commanded travel velocity on a rotational track would exceed the maximum travel speed of the weld head.
  • WH-1289: Pulsed travel now able to be simulated in test mode.
  • WH-1295: Added new fault when arc is on and no gas is flowing.
  • WH-1296: Printing now mimics the weld console directory structure but does not create a subdirectory for each program.
  • WH-1299: Commanded travel speeds are now more precise.
  • WH-1312: AVC raises and wire retracts a set distance to prevent wire/tungsten sticking when a Tungsten/Wire Touched fault occurs.
  • WH-1331: Weld programs are now validated when loaded, whereas previously they were only validated on editing. This prevents programs with invalid commands or other parameters from being run.


  • WH-1121: Fixed an issue where travel direction was reversed when speed was set to zero with a positive override commanded.
  • WH-1290: Fixed an issue with GMAW-P PPS overrides not being displayed properly in the program modifications screen.
  • WH-1299: Fixed an issue where override values would not match those found in pendant settings.
  • WH-1300: Fixed an issue where the weld head would sometimes continue to travel when downslope was pressed in a GTAW program.
  • WH-1304: Fixed an issue where incorrect units would sometimes be displayed in program notes.
  • WH-1305: Fixed an issue where the system units would sometimes be lost after a factory settings reset.
  • WH-1311: Fixed an issue with real-time data values locking up.
  • WH-1313: Fixed an issue where torch in commands would move slower than expected.
  • WH-1314: Fixed an issue where real time data travel speeds would update slower when using Metric units.
  • WH-1315: Fixed an issue where the travel calibration dialog would show incorrect values for travel encoder configuration 01.
  • WH-1317: Fixed issue with travel stopping while sloping over very long distances.
  • WH-1319: Fixed issue with erroneous values displayed on pendant when overriding travel while sloping.
  • WH-1321: Fixed an issue with oscillation when AutoSteer was used over long distances.
  • WH-1323: Fixed and issue where the stop button had to be pressed before starting a weld.

Release Log

To upgrade your AdaptARC OrbitMASTER controller software to the new, version, please download the release notes and software update.

Instructions for installing the new version are included in the Release Notes.

BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR weld programs via usb flash drive prior to performing THIS UPGRADE.

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